Anne Kronenberg

Anne Kronenberg is an American political administrator and LGBT rights activist. She is best known for being Harvey Milk's campaign manager during his historic San Francisco Board of Supervisors campaign in 1977 and his aide as he held that office until the assassinations of Milk and mayor George Moscone. As an openly lesbian political activist, Kronenberg is noted for her instrumental role in the gay rights movement, both for Milk's campaign and in her own right.

Kronenberg portrayed herself in the 1984 documentary film The Times of Harvey Milk and her role in Milk's life has been captured in the Academy award-winning 2008 film Milk. Kronenberg was one of the grand marshals of the 2009 New York City LGBT Pride parade, joining the film's writer Dustin Lance Black and fellow activist Cleve Jones who also worked with Milk. Kronenberg met Milk when she was dropping off film for development in his store, Castro Camera. She worked at a seafood company at the time, a job she hated, and began work for Milk after a friend recommended him to her. She describes the campaign when she joined it as a "tight-knit little group of men" and there was some suspicion of her at first, but they soon became very close.

Kronenberg was Milk's campaign manager for his successful run for a seat on the Board of supervisors in 1977 after three defeats. Kronenberg worked as a Director of the San Francisco Mayor’s Criminal Justice Council from 1991-1994. She began chairing the San Francisco Board of Supervisors’ Single Room Occupancy Task Force at its inception in 1998, a role she continues to this day. In 1998, she was also appointed to the State Board of Podiatric Medicine and served as its vice president for two years and its president for one. She has worked with the Administration and Planning of the San Francisco Department of Public Health for nearly 15 years.

Kronenberg has also worked at the local, state, and federal level for such politicians as Senator Ted Kennedy and Assemblyman John Vasconcellos Kronenberg is currently the Deputy Director for Administration and Planning of the San Francisco Department of Public Health. In her current role, she manages department-wide planning initiatives, such as for disaster preparedness and emergency medical services, and has responsibility for the department's strategic planning efforts. She is currently working to implement a plan for the city to help those without health insurance. While Kronenberg identified as a lesbian in the 1970s, she now considers herself heterosexual after falling in love with a man she met in Washington D.C. in the 1980s, whom she later married. She currently lives in California with her husband, stepson, daughter and son. Kronenberg was one of the Official Grand Marshals of the 2009 NYC LGBT Pride March, produced by Heritage of Pride joining Dustin Lance Black and Cleve Jones.