Katherine V. Forrest

Katherine V. Forrest (born 1939 in Windsor, Ontario, Canada) is an American writer. Forrest is best known for her eight novels about lesbian police detective Kate Delafield - the very first in the American lesbian mystery genre. Her romance A Curious Wine is considered a classic of American lesbian literature. In discussion of the "light" element of the lesbian romance Forrest said, "I think it's political as hell... Here were two women who had a lot of choices in life, a lot of options, and out of all of those options they chose the hardest one, which was to love each other.”

Katherine Forrest held tenure of ten years as fiction editor at Naiad Press and currently serves as Supervising Editor at Spinsters Ink. She has also written a number of romance and science fiction novels. As an editor she worked with dozens of writers, including Jane Rule and Lee Lynch, who wrote of Forrest's fiction, "Her stories embrace and strengthen us, and give us permission to live our lives fully just as we are."

Also known for her reviews and articles about lesbian and gay publishing, she authored book reviews appearing in The Los Angeles Times and San Francisco Chronicle. Articles have appeared in Brother and Sister, The Harvard Gay and Lesbian Review and The Lambda Book Report.

She was a recipient of the Lambda Literary Foundation's Pioneer Award in 1998, and currently serves on their board of trustees. In 2008, she received the Bill Whitehead Lifetime Achievement Award from Publishing Triangle and the Trailblazer Award from the Golden Crown Literary Society. She is also a recipient of The Alice B Readers Award medal. She lives with her wife, Jo Hercus, in the San Francisco area.